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about us

Limok Import & Export We have been working as not only wholesale and retail merchant but also a manufacturer of auto accessories in Sirkeci, İstanbul since 1954. As our field requires we have been manufacturing various products and sevicing petrol stations; by this way we have been leader of retail sale. Besides these we have added imports and distributing services to our activities with our new firm LIMOK which was established in july 2004.

As a result of looking for high quality about products and services LIMOK achieved ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate in 2009.

Our aim is to say “yes” working with a stock of all products and provide our customers with certain groups of auto accessory products which are a must. Although we have been new firm as an importer, all our customers have trusted and preferred to work with us. Thus, our service vision of superior has been upgraded.

As the output of this trust;

  • to serve continously and in high quality,
  • to provide product in high quality and at a reasonable,
  • to ease product pursuit by publishing new catalogues,
  • to follow new progress closely,
  • to be open to new ideas,
  • to satisfy our customers at highest Standard,

are our fundamental principles.

For non-stop and high standarded service we are here;

What about you ?